FortuneMC Factions Guide

What is Factions?

Factions is quite similar to survival, however it also has its own unique style and twist! Factions is a team based game-mode in which you need to fight, raid, build farms, build bases and try to become the richest on the server! There is no limit to how many friends and teammates you can have in your faction, you can assign your best friends and teammates separate roles and even rename there “faction title” to assign them a member or officer to your faction.

But factions is not just about survival with pvp, it is warfare. Other factions can easily find your faction homes and bases, and if they have a stronger team they can take you down and destroy everything you have worked for.

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Here are a handful of helpful commands that should help too!
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Base Protection and Destroyers:

All hits are from: (TnT or Creeper Eggs)
Obsidian takes 10 hits to destroy.
Sponge takes 20 hits to destroy.

In Water:
Damage is 0.1x

FrostWalker enchantment is able to freeze your water, to counter this have lava sources as well as light sources to counter the ice.
Wet Sponge works the same as dry sponge.

If you have an issue please please inform us on our discord here on the channel #staff-help for help by @Staff <msg>

Thank you for reading, Have fun on FortuneMC Factions!