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What is Skyblock?

Skyblock is a Survival based gamemode. You start with a small starter island the size of 100x100 blocks (Island expansions can be got through donation ranks & ingame ranks) You can build almost anything you want. Islands can be Coop with your friends or a larger team of 5.

Getting started
The first command to start your Island is /is, this will bring up this menu:

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Frequently asked Questions (FaQ)
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Control panel

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Once you have selected your island, you can create your own cobble generator, with the materials in the chest or the pre-setup one on your island. Here's how: Click here

Cobblestone generators have the chance to randomly generate ores depending on your rank (I - X).
You can check this by doing /ranks and checking out /warp ranks to see when cobblestone generators upgrade.

Regular commands in game
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Island settings

Allow or Disallow visitor permissions to do certain things on your island, however, Island members bypass most of the options in the GUI.

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Donator perks

All perks can be seen at /warp donate - these ranks can be purchased from the store Click here

Sky-God rank is a rank only for Skyblock, the rank allows the user to be fortune on other servers.

Universal ranks are ranks which are universal cross server, whilst all God ranks are for each server.

Island warps

To set up an Island warp, your Island must first be Island level 50. You can level up your island, by placing certain blocks and update your level by doing /is level. Here's how to set up the warp sign:
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Having issues with bugs or players?

Please submit a support ticket under the right section and our friendly staff team will be able to resolve your problem Click here!

Or simply contact us on discord Here!
Go onto #staff-help and start your message with @Staff

Thank you for reading the SkyBlock guide made by Awais!