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Punishment appeal

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Username: BIG_LIVER
Server Punished On: FortuneMc: Factions
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Alleged Offense: Disrespect to Staff, and Discord messages about using a hacked client on FortuneMC
Staff that Handled You: Awais
Why you think your punishment should be dismissed:

On February 12th I was banned by Awais for Disrespect to Staff, and "Leaked Discord Messages". Well to start off, I would like to address the Disrespect to Staff portion of this punishment, Now i must admit there was times I was quite to rude to this staff member, but that was in the past. The final time I did disrespect this staff member I felt quite bad, so i decided to apologize on discord and take up my harsh actions. In the past week, I have not disrespected any staff member on FortuneMc. If anything was taken harshly I do apologize, but i must say I did not mean it in any type of way.

Lastly, I would like to address the "Leaked Discord Messages". Now evidence does show in this private discord server, I, did post a link to a hacked client which is technically promoting hacks, however I never told anyone to use these "hacks" on FortuneMc. Also the hacked client I did use,(which was used on a abandoned server to see if hacked clients even work) was never used on FortuneMc. I am not sure if there is a way to check this on the server, but I assure you I never did. *If I must send screenshots of the messages to whoever does review this appeal, I will happily do so.

In conclusion, I would like to finish off by saying this. I really do enjoy playing this server. I understand my bad track record shows I have been banned before and maybe I have done some wrong things on the server in the past, but even through my ban I waited out the 6 days (I ended up getting so eager to get back on I bought the unban the day before) which I can say most people would not do. Most people would charge back their payments as soon as they were banned and move on to the next server, but not I. Now whoever does review thank you for taking your time to make your say so. Even if I don't get unbanned, I really did enjoy the memories made on this server.

Posted Feb 12, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 12, 19
Awais Owner
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After review of your appeal.

I have decided to lower your ban from a permanent to a 30 day ban.

Due to your actions / promotions of hack clients this is the case.

You do not need to make another appeal, just take these days to really think / consider what you did and make sure you do not do it again, since if you do a permanent ban without any chance of an appeal will happen.

You will be unbanned on the 24/03/2019.
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FortuneMC Owner
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Posted Feb 14, 19