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Denied Helper Application

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How long you have been playing on 1 day.
What server will you be on the most?: Prison/Skyblock
What is your in game name? Dylan92503
What is your timezone? CT
What country are you from? United States Of America.
Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions? Yes.
How often are you online for? For how long you want.
Why you are right for the job as helper? I have many experiences as a helper, and I'd like to help this server.
How can you contribute to the staff team? I have great knowledge and leadership skills. And I am unbiased about my opinions.
Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please. No I have not.
Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a Male, 16. I love gaming. I am a tech guy. Very Mature.
Posted Feb 6, 19 · OP
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I personally think you shouldn’t be staff for many reasons such as the fact that you’ve been playing for 1d.

It sounds like you either are lying about your age or you aren’t fluent in English.

Your application was very brief. Good luck though.
Posted Feb 6, 19
GoDzHades Helper
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Greetings Dylan92503!

I have seen you on recently, just for a few minutes on the skyblock realm. As HuzuniDev mentioned, your application is very brief and lacks a lot more information in it and some design as well.
Assuredly, one day of the gameplay is not enough, so, therefore, I advise you to play a lot more and gain some reputation.

I recommend you fill up your application yet more with the information! Mainly the questions that require your past background, your motivation to help and what can you provide to the server and the staff team. Lastly, some more information about yourself would be great!
Oppositely, good luck!
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Posted Feb 7, 19 · Last edited Feb 7, 19
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Hi Dylan,

Your application has been denied.

- Way to brief.
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Posted Feb 9, 19
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