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Denied Builder Application

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Daxilys @ SkyBlock
How long you have been playing on
I have been playing on fortune-mc for about a week

What server will you be on the most?:
Most likely skyblock because I find the most interest in that server but if I am needed in another server I am willing to go to that server

What is your in game name?
My in game name Is Daxilys

What is your timezone?
My timezone is EST

What country are you from?
I am from the US

Do you have any previous experience as a Builder?
I don't have experience as a builder on servers but I like to build in the bajillions of creative worlds and hope this is my first server to gain builder

How often are you online for?
During the weekdays I will be on for about 1-3 hours and during the weekends 4-7 hours

Why you are right for the job as a Builder?
I think that I am the right job as a builder because I can work well in a team and I believe I am very flexible when it comes to other people ideas

How can you contribute to the Build team?
I can contribute to the build team by sort of "leaning" into there ideas and spreading ideas of my own

Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please.
I have never been banned/jailed/muted

Please provide links to work you have done as a Builder, or builds you believe would showcase your abilities:
Here is a simple build of a suburban house 2019-02-02_12.30.58_1549129562.png
and here is a winter themed spawn that I built
I am also decently good at redstone but do not currentry have any worlds that show it, I will soon make something worth inserting a picture on here

Do you have any experience with plugins that aid builders? (WorldEdit, VoxelSniper)
I have a lot of experience with world edit and one timed I helped Awais make a circle o.O
And finally,

Tell us a little about yourself:

I know that this will probably get my application denied but at least I am being honest, I am not 15, in fact I will be 13 in April but I feel like I have the maturity of some 15 year olds, I also want to state that I have an awful 300$ laptop that can barely even go on the internet, but otherwise I started playing minecraft since 1.5 and I feel like my building skills have developed quite a bit, thank you for reading this and I hope my application gets accepted :p
Posted Feb 2, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 2, 19
Awais Owner
Level 1
Hi Daxilys, sorry to say your application has been denied.

- Your builds are kind of basic and aren't the best, we're looking for a good standard of builds which are impressive.

≛ Awais ≛
FortuneMC Owner
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Posted Feb 3, 19
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