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Denied 8BitBeaver's Application

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How long you have been playing on Few weeks then i stopped for awhile then made a new mc account to record

What server will you be on the most?: factions

What is your in game name?
My current in-game username is 8BitBeaver

What is your timezone? I am in Eastern Standard Time

What country are you from? Currently The United States

Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions? i used to host and develope other peoples servers and host them off my computer

How often are you online for? I try to record and play for atleast 3 hours a day i can livestream or record a video

Why you are right for the job as helper?

I think I would be a excellent helper because I do enjoy playing Fortune and I know I will be committed and I am willing to help the server in any way possible aiming to improve the quality of gameplay for everyone here online. As mentioned below I previously owned an active server so I have already have basic administrator skills and Developing skills and I have the confidence to dish out appropriate punishments if needed i am generally chatty and have a great sense of humor and love to have a conversation with players, make them laugh and answer players questions if possible and do the best I can for that player.

How can you contribute to the staff team?
I see myself as a very helpful player
When people ask me to help them I would try my best to help
them with as much as possible i would always give the full 100%
To go and fix their problem I will do everything that is possible to
Succeed and solve the issue.​

Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please. No I Have Not

Tell us a little about yourself:
My Name is Lee I am 17 years old and I can work serious, just like other people but I am also very creative, open-minded and a chill person.
I play a lot but I am not the guy who is being rude to everyone.
I will help people who need it and I will never be too lazy,
I will answer as soon as possible if someone has a question. And
I will never leave someone without answering their question.
Posted Jan 31, 19 · OP
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Fortune Donators
Not that bad of an application. Only thing is, you kind of have to work on your grammar. Good luck though.
Posted Jan 31, 19 · Last edited Feb 1, 19
vllShadowllv Admin
I haven’t seen you active much, hopefully we see you on more!
Posted Jan 31, 19
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Awais Owner
Level 1

Your application has been denied.

- You are not active.
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Posted Feb 2, 19
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