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Denied Staff Application

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How long you have been playing on i have been playing for about 4 days.

What server will you be on the most?: i would like to be in the faction server or the skyblock server.

What is your in game name? my in game name is Cryoffear.

What is your timezone? my timezone is CET

What country are you from? i am from sweden

Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions? Yes i have on some other servers.

How often are you online for? i am online for about 5 hours per day.

Why you are right for the job as helper? i like to help people in games and in real life.

How can you contribute to the staff team?

I count a communication is the key to everything. Therefore, I will try all my best to communicate with all of the staff members and assist the ones who are in need of help. Secondly, since I have knowledge of administration over players, I could keep an eye on the "sneaky" part of the community, also known as non-legit players, if you get me. Finally, General interaction with players and answering their concerns when the rest of the staff are not available and are occupied.

Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please. i have not been banned/jailed/muted or something like that

Tell us a little about yourself: i am 16 years old add have allot of time when i am home.
Posted Jan 29, 19 · OP
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Hi, you're application has been denied.


- You copied this application:
GoDzHades's Helper Application
What server will you be on the most? In my opinion on the Skyblock realm. Yet I will attempt to moderate the different realms as well. What is your in game name? My in game name is GoDzHades, just like on the website. What is your timezone?
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Posted Jan 29, 19
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