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Denied RememberMeRoxas Helper Application

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How long you have been playing on I have only been playing on the server for a few weeks as of the admission of this application.
What server will you be on the most?: More than likely I will be found on the prison server most of the time that I'm online.
What is your in game name?: My IGN is RememberMeRoxas.
What is your timezone?:I am in the Eastern Standard Timezone.
What country are you from?: I am from the U S of A.
Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?: I do not have any experience in staffing minecraft servers, however, I learn quickly and know basic command work. You have to start somewhere and I'd be more than willing to learn underneath the best, excluding Kean of course.
How often are you online for?: I am online for an average of 8 hours on weekdays( 3PM to 11PM EST)
Why you are right for the job as helper?: I am good at learning new things and am relatively well known in the server as I am very active in chat while I am online and my girlfriend is already a staff member. I love to have fun, but I know the boundaries y'know? And I can type without looking at the keyboard that counts for something right?
How can you contribute to the staff team?: I play well within the rules and enjoy assisting others with doing the same. I spend a lot of time in the chat so any suggestions that people may have that aren't submitted to the discord or website I may be able to help see them through. Additionally I am a certified Microsoft computer repair technician and I also studied a bit of the physical side of computer networking. I am far less versed in the software portion of that.
Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please.: I have been temp muted once by BlatantDecoy for being a little too sarcastic in the chat I suppose.
Tell us a little about yourself:
According to a reliable source I can be regarded as a bit of a "class clown" - BlatantDecoy and others may not enjoy my humor as much as I do, however that normally doesn't cause any kind of conflict. I spend most of my days in school as I am 17 and still a senior in High school, however the rest of my day I enjoy playing as much video games as possible. I also occasionally spend time building computers and oddly enough fishing.
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Hi Roxas sorry to say your application has been denied.

- You have been warned twice / muted by Blatant multiple times.

- Also on that your application was pretty good but from an in-game prescriptive if you're serious in wanting to become a staff member you got to not get muted or warned by any staff, also making an effort in solving + helping people out constantly is a good way of getting noticed.
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Posted Jan 23, 19
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