Prison Guide:

FortuneMC's 'Prison' gamemode is made up of many special and unique features. When you first join you'll find yourself at the prison spawn where you can walk forward to find the 'A' mine (/warp a) This is where you will find players mining for money, which is the main objective in the game. You are to /rankup A-Z, then prestige 3 times. Each prestige has their own mine /warp p1 - /warp p3 and eventually get that very deserving 'FREE' rank which takes you into a very custom SMP world.
Special Features:
I'm sure we had you at 'rankup' But there is much much more! Our Prison server offers a variety of custom enchants, activities and Events!

Custom Enchanting:

There are a variety of different enchants you will find yourself falling in love with! To open the ingame GUI be sure to enter the /enchant command in.


Got your buddy to join you on the server? Want to help them out? If so, this enchantment is for you! To add your buddy to your pickaxe simply type /te minebuddy add and all the mined goods will be delivered directly to their inventory! (Careful! Once this is done, it cannot be undone on that pickaxe!)


Are you that player? The one who cant stand losing your gear once you get brutally murdered at the PVP Mine? If so, this will be your friend. You can soulbind any tool you want! You will find this enchantment in the OP Section of the /enchant menu. (Be careful, once you die, you lose a level. The higher the level, the better chance your item will stay with you, but the more expensive it gets!)


This is where stuff gets exciting, Excavation may be expensive but it is so worth it. There are two levels of excavation. Level 1 is half as powerful as Level 2. This enchant excavates an area below the block you just mined. It has the effect at random though! (Fun Tip: Fall damage is disabled to prevent dying from OP Gear!)

Explosive, Tile, Disk:

These three enchants will be more common around the server. But they're still pretty costly, Explosive being the cheapest. The enchants are pretty self explanatory. They are all activated at random 50/50. Explosive is like a weak TNT blast, the higher its upgraded the better the explosion will be. Tile and Disk are just simple shaped explosions. Tile being more squared, and disk being more of a disk shape. The higher the level, the better.


This enchantment is Awais' all time favorite enchantment. Being activated every 120 seconds, this enchantment will mine a whole layer of the mine with one swing! This enchantment has three tiers, 1 = 1 layer, 2 = 2 layers, and 3 = 3 layers. This enchantment is probably the most expensive on the server.

If you're a server donator, this is where you'll reap the benefits the most. The FortuneMC Prison server offers per donator rank rewards, and on top of the MINES, oh so many mines, each donator rank gets their own respective mine. For example, the rank gold, has their own gold mine, and so on with the other ranks.

Donor Shops:

Each donator rank has their own Sell-All shop. If you're a donor the recommended way to sell your resources is with this simple command: /sellall shop[Donor] Unsure what the name of your shop is? No worries, Click the spoiler below for more info!
Spoiler: ShopsShow