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Denied Jordyvd2525NL's Builder application

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How long you have been playing on 118 Hour in the last 3 weeks

What server will you be on the most?: Skyblock/Prison

What is your in game name? Jordyvd2525NL

What is your timezone? UTC+1

What country are you from? Holland but I live in Spain

Do you have any previous experience as a Builder? Yes, on some servers (2)

How often are you online for? A lot

Why you are right for the job as a Builder? I think i am a good builder because I love building and i spend a lot of time in Minecraft. I like redstone very much and if I learn something i never forget it again. I am VERY good with worldedit I know almost ALL the commands and i know how to work with it because i have used it A LOT of times.

How can you contribute to the Build team? I love to help people and if they help me, with only a few tips and tricks will the whole server already be better and better. I am very social and I can handle a lot of things at the same time. If i go for something i put all my effort in it and will go on until it is exactly how i want it to be.

Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please. I have never been warned, jailed or muted

Please provide links to work you have done as a Builder, or builds you believe would showcase your abilities:
Without scematica:

And i just show 1 of my buildings with scematica:

And finally,
Tell us a little about yourself:

Hello I am Jordy 16 years old and I love playing Minecraft. I never play any other game so i spend a lot of time in it. I can communicate very well and that is why i love talking in chat or Discord.
Posted Jan 17, 19 · OP
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Hi Jordy,

Sorry to say your application has been denied.

Thanks for applying, your application is very well formatted.
Thank you for pointing out you have experience with WorldEdit, this plugin is a crucial part of building on the server.

You mention you like redstone but didn't showcase (or explain) any redstone machines or concepts.

Your first few builds are appropriate but the others were lacking. Additionally as a future tip please provide a link to a Imgur Album rather than individual links.

Schematica builds are not relevant as they don't prove your skills as a builder. Sorry.

With that being said you are a valued member of the community and we understand you would like to be a builder but at this time we have a very experienced team. If you would like to make builds without the permissions, feel free to show them and they may be used.

You're welcome to apply again after 2 weeks with a stronger application.

Posted Jan 17, 19
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