This page will go over everything that you need to know before applying to be a Builder. Having builders dedicated to server projects is needed to help take some of the work off of the Staff Team, so that they can focus their time and effort on other projects. If you're interested in joining the Building Team, please read over this form and apply on a separate thread.

The following are requirements:

- You must be at least 15 years of age. (Minus a few of months is fine)
- You must be mature, patient, and fair.
- You must be active on Discord so that the rest of staff and players may contact you if you are needed.
- You must be fluent in English with decent grammar and good spelling. You are representing the server.

The requirements are important! If you don't reach them it's not too bad, but the application better be extraordinary, or it would be hard for us to justify giving you a Builder position. Most importantly though, don't lie.

Please use this format when applying for Builder:

How long you have been playing on
What server will you be on the most?:
What is your in game name?
What is your timezone?
What country are you from?
Do you have any previous experience as a Builder?
How often are you online for?
Why you are right for the job as a Builder?
How can you contribute to the Build team?
Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please.
Please provide links to work you have done as a Builder, or builds you believe would showcase your abilities:
Do you have any experience with plugins that aid builders? (WorldEdit, VoxelSniper)

And finally,
Tell us a little about yourself:

Feel free to write any additional information you feel you need to include but please keep a moderate length. If you are denied, you are unable to apply again for two weeks. If you do apply again before that time frame is up, you will be blacklisted from this forum and you will be unable to apply again.

Rules and Regulations:

1 - Commenting on anothers application:

You are welcome to comment on another players application if you believe your information is not negative, it can help improve the application, or your information is positive.
( Failing to obey the above will have you blacklisted from commenting on applications)

2 - What will happen when you apply:

We will monitor you in-game if we see your application as being in the pool of candidates we're looking for, if we do not respond to your application for few days even a week this does NOT mean you're denied, it probably means we are monitoring you in-game before our decision and comparing you with other applicants.

3 - How long will it take for my application to be viewed:

Please be patient, we might have a lot of applicants to catch our eye be active on forums, discord and the server and you will get our attention even though we might not show any sign of seeing it. We appreciate your co-operation but we need to pick out best candidates for the job so it may take time!

Begging on the Server, Discord, or forums for a hiring staff member to view your application could result in your application being denied.

Finally, we wish you the best of luck!