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Denied Staff Applications-Helper

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How long have you been playing on this Server?

i have been playing since January 9th

What server will you be on the most?

I will be on Factions the most.

What is your in game name?


What is your timezone?

My time zone us Pacific standard time

What country are you from?

I am from the United States

Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?

No i have not but you have to start somewhere.

How often are you online for?

I am often online for 1-4 hours in the afternoon on weekdays

Why you are right for the job as helper?

I am right because i'm always i love helping people. i am a good leader and crowd manager. i am cool calm and collected along with always looking to be friendly and just. I am a very fast at picking new things up, and being able to react and asses situations quickly and calmly. I also am very Artistic and love to design and help contribute my ideas to group efforts.

How can you contribute to the staff team?

I can bring my artistic ideas, good people skills, and Leadership skills.

Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please.

No i have not

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am 16 year old who live in California looking to learn new online skills and help out wherever i can. i am active on Discord, and have decent to good computer skills.
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Why you are right for the job as helper?

I am right because im always i love helping people and i am a very fast at picking new things up.
While I cannot speak on behalf of the Staff Team, your application is a little thin; they typically like to see something that stands out from the other applicants. I think if you added more, especially to the quoted area, you'd make a good applicant, otherwise, good luck!
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Posted Jan 17, 19
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Hi OG_Soupcan your application has been denied.

- Grammar was poor, and your application was brief and didn't explain a lot in why you wanted to become a helper.

If you're serious about joining the staff team please make a better application.

Thanks a lot,
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Posted Jan 18, 19
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