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Denied Diamondboy066 Helper Application

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I've been playing on the server since factions was released (92 hours 28 minutes of playtime).
What server will you be on the most?
I'll most likely be on Skyblock the most but I also do spend a bit of time on factions. When Prison comes out I will probably migrate over to that though.
What is your in game name?
My in game name is Diamondboy066.
What is your timezone?
I'm in the Eastern Standard Timezone
What country are you from?
I'm from The U.S.A
Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?
I've had Helper on a few other servers which i kept until they shut down and builder on one server.
How often are you online for?
I'm on mostly of Friday/Saturday/Sunday but also will be on for a bit on the weekdays. During the active days I will be on for at least 1-2 hours most likely more, and during the less active times i'll be on for 30 minutes-1 hour. During any breaks from school however I will be on much more often.
Why you are right for the job as helper?
I'm right for the helper Job because i'm nice, obviously helpful, and am usually able to tell the difference between a joke, and something that is actually serious and needs dealing with.
How can you contribute to the staff team?
I can contribute to the staff team by helping new players and answering questions so that other higher ups (Awais, Mods, managers) can work on more important things. I also can help keep the peace when things start getting crazy.
Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please.
I've never been banned/jailed, but I have been muted because apparently i'm annoying sometimes, this wasn't on this server though.
Tell us a little about yourself:
I'm a pretty nice person that does good in school and runs cross country. My favorite subject in school is math (The reason i'm so good at chat games). I babysit sometimes and overall am a well liked person in most instances.
Posted Jan 16, 19 · OP
Awais Owner
Level 1
Hi Diamondboy,

Your application has been denied.

- Immaturity
- Disrespect to staff

My personal tip would be if you're serious in wanting to get staff to mature up a bit more and try your best to act like one and be helpful. Saying that you are super nice and great for the community but the jump up to becoming a staff member is too far right now!

Please do not apply within 2 weeks,

≛ Awais ≛
FortuneMC Owner
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Posted Jan 16, 19
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