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Denied Jay0085's staff app

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How long you have been playing on [url= target=_self][/url] hours What server will you be on the most? Skyblock and prison What is your in game name? Jay0085 (nick Jay) What is your timezone? EST What country are you from? USA Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions? No I have no past experience. I hope this can be my first. How often are you online for? On weekday I am on around 1 hour and 30 minutes due to school. On weekend I am on a lot more around 6 hours. Why you are right for the job as helper? I am the right job for helper because I am always there to help I may not be able to fix hoppers,but I am learning how to build good farms,and how to help people out more and more. How can you contribute to the staff team? I will contribute to the staff team by helping others in general on a daily basis I help someone do something new. Yes of course I need help everyone does. No one is perfect. If you need help just ask someone is always there to help. Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted (on our server)? Explain briefly, please. I have been false banned on mineplex (Glitch of tping in and out of void due to lag). Tell us a little about yourself: I am a 13 year old boy who lives in New Jersey. I was born in New York upstate. I love winter because of the cold, but my favorite weather is 70 degrees with a nice breeze. My favorite animals are dogs, cats, and birds. I play playstation and on pc I have recently gotten back into pc as my internet is not the best.
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Hi Jay,
Sorry to say your application has been denied.

- Your application is quite brief if you really want to become a staff member you got to make a application which makes a solid claim to help the server out.

If you're serious about becoming a helper you have to make a excellent application which stands out.

Anyways thank you for applying,
≛ Awais ≛
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Posted Jan 16, 19
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